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28th Sep 2022

Episode 211: #5 Clemson vs #10 NC State Preview! Pt. 2 The Wolfpack w/ Drake Thomas, Joe Ovies & Joe Giglio

ACC GAME OF THE YEAR! #5 Clemson vs #10 NC State game is so big we need 2 episodes to cover it! In Pt. 2 we are focusing on the Wolfpack. Joining us to do so we have LB Drake Thomas, and media personalities Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio!

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Kelly Gramlich (former ACC hooper) and Eric Mac Lain (former ACC football player) break down everything you need to know in the ACC sports world.
Kelly Gramlich played basketball in the ACC. Eric Mac Lain played football in the ACC. Now they both are analysts for the ACC Network. Together, they bring you an in-depth breakdown of ACC football. Two friends talking football. Let's go!

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